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General Comet Data  
Contrary to current scientific paradigm - comets are NOT frozen balls of ice Comets may form an electrical connection with planet bodies and the sun dependent upon the proximity of the comet's path
Comets are a complex plasma (electrical) discharge of the solar capacitor (negative pole (sun) to the positive pole (outer reaches of the solar system)  Think of the operation of a fluorescent light bulb... Comets can contain hydrocarbons, starwater, carbon dioxide, cyanide, etc.
Part of the comet's tail is formed by plasma discharge The comet tail is actually formed by particles drawn into the nucleus - NOT emitted.
Alleged companions (moons, asteroids, plantetoids); estimates have the number at 5 to 7 The nuclei is expected to be quite large (bigger than our moon) ; possibly larger than comet Lovejoy  - which was larger than mercury)
Considered a sundiver - Sundiving comets typically cause reactions in the sun such as CME's and Hyderflares Depending upon their size, comets may be accompanied by asteroids
Comets do not reflect light, they emit light - the color depends upon ionized molecules/ elements in the comet's coma  
Video: Thunderbolts' Dave Talbott and Wallace Thornhill discuss the electrical nature of comets, the sun and interaction with planets

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